Meet the model:Hannah

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Hannah on Instagram here

This months workshop has a nurturing autumnal feel, warm tones, nature and comfort. We’ll be drawing on Hannah’s gorgeous wardrobe, which was made for this season, if you’ve seen her on Instagram (link above) you’ll see her go to colours are vivid oranges. I was really excited that she was able to come through from leeds, where she has recently started studying to be part of our night, as it must be at least 7 months ago since I asked if she’d like to take part in the class.

The colder nights are perfect for drawing and with inktober all over instagram, I hope the class gives you some inspiration for this season.

I asked Hannah some meet the model questions.

What does creativity look like to you?

Creativity is to me is being able to turn your ideas into a form, which can be anything. Its hard to pinpoint creativity because everything is a creative form - it just depends how you see and look at something. My creativity is something I love about myself, and mostly the beauty I see in people stems from their creativity. 

What’s a day in the life look like, work and play? 

A tangerine dream. I wear at least one piece of orange clothing a day, to the point where I have a tattoo of an orange incase I forget to wear orange one day (which is rare). I am blessed to have a job at IKEA! Except I spend the majority of my wage there on cushions. When I’m not busy I’m usually in vintage shops - I’m a bit of a shopaholic - or vintage kilo sales which is where I get garments for my everyday looks and for instagram! 

Your relationship with your body?  

During my teens - like most young girls you see all the famous actors and models and aspire to be them. I always wanted that “perfect” hourglass figure and would go through the extremes to do so. As I grew I learned to love my body, to treat it good. Ive since changed my diet such as mostly following a vegan diet and meditating, not because I don’t like the way that my body looks but just to look after it. During this time I also started college and met a lovely group of friends - my pals always give and take compliments - its just the kind of people they are which helped me immensely. 

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Favourite 3 songs and how do they make you feel ? 

“Landslide” - Fleetwood Mac 

When I saw this song live I cried, it makes me feel better on a bad day and brings me  back to myself - Dancing and swaying in a floaty robe like Stevie Nicks

“Everybody’s Free (To wear sunscreen)” - Quindon Tarver 

A song my boyfriend introduced me to when I was feeling down. We always play this song to one another when something happens to one of us which puts us in a bad mood! Its lovely really! 

“Leave My Body” - Florence and the Machine 

Everything about Florence is magical! 


Charlotte Righton