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With a magical mix of colours, Anja creates, portraits, scenes and stories through enchanting, intricate illustrations full of warmth.

We’re super lucky that Anja will also be doing live 10 minute portraits all day, so pop by, book on and leave with something truly personal.

Interviewed by Lucy Harbron follow Anja on instagram ( here )


When did you first pick up a pencil, and what was the journey from then to now?

I've been drawing for as long as I remember and my mum always says I decided to become an artist when I was 4 and never changed my mind about it.
The journey from then to actually making a living from my work has been (and still is) a real roller coaster but I wouldn't change it for the world.

 When you’re drawing, what is your process? Any particular soundtrack or spot in your house? Drink of choice while you’re creating?

 I've got my own studio at Trafalgar Studios for a little over a year now which has made a great difference to my daily work routine. It's my creative sanctuary and playground where I switch off my phone and just focus on work. Drink of choice would be chai latte. 


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 A lot of your work is about love, whether it be pet portraits, family portraits or anniversary presents. What 3 things do you love most?

Above all I love quality time spent with loved ones, it's those memories we make that keep our lives together which is why I celebrate them so much in my work.

The other two things would be drawing and dancing since both activities have enriched my life in incredible ways.

 Messy desk or clear desk?

 Clear. I definitely prefer a neat and tidy work environment and find organising things very comforting.

 Tea or coffee?


If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing instead?

 I honestly have no clue since I never entertained that thought.

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What is your favourite kind of commission to get?

 I enjoy working on narratives the most and always love it when clients approach me with book related work. There's something really challenging in interpreting an authors words with illustrations that enhance them and add another dimension. Therefore my favourite commissions are definitely the ones where the client gives me the freedom to do this rather than just expecting me to duplicate the text.

 Your work is so full of colour. Was this always the case, or did you have a colour epiphany?

 I was quite intimidated by colour for a long time and stuck to a very muted colour palette for years until I got bored of it and decided it's time for something new. Once I started embracing colours I couldn't stop using them but we'll see how long that'll last. 

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