Meet the Artist - Interior set designer Nic Browne

HOLY MOLY , its 8 days till the next endless love, with only 7 tickets left, I should have known the ever impending sty would arrive. I think there’s always a little nervousness lingering even though this will be our 9th event. This one is gonna be awesome, we've collaborated with interior design stylist Nic on our David Hockney inspired night.

Here’s a little summary how Nic and I met, INSTAGRAM, I feel like we followed each other before endless but I might just be making that up,  Nic came to one of our nights and apart from having the most awesome fringe bob combo I’ve ever seen, she also shared a beautiful pic on Instagram of illustrations she had done from the class, instantly I swooned at her Instagram, bright colours, retro home, great fashion and I knew somehow we had to collaborate.

I’ve wanted to do a David Hockney night for a while, after visiting Salts Mill in Saltaire, literally a 50 min train journey away from Sheffield, I saw his work in a new light, excited by the possibilities, of texture, colour and portraits. Nicola felt like the perfect fit, when we met up under her arm was a huge Hockney book, and that was it, a steam yard shakealatte and kronut later, we were sorted, so after chatting away about everything other than the set, I also persuaded her to give us a little bit more on how she came to having such a bloody gorgeous home and just generally lots of lovely things, because I am super nosey.

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nicola kitchen.jpg

Hello I'm Nic, I'm 29 and I'm a vintage obsessed interior designer. (kind of sounds like I'm talking at Antiquers Anonymous!) I adore mid-century design, and I'm a keen crafter and make do and mender. I'm currently sprucing up my very first home in sunny Sheffield.  I studied Model Making at uni and dreamt of making props for TV and film. I soon found out that this would involve a heavily nomadic lifestyle and I'm too much of a home bird for that kind of caper full time! During my final year of uni I tailored my projects so that they leaned towards interior design. I worked on the designing and implementing of two new restaurants in Bournemouth and spent time designing and making furniture and light fittings. I do miss the workshops we had on campus, welding was my favourite!

How do you put a look together?

To begin with, I like to get all the background information, get to the nitty gritty; who is going to be using the space? What unique items do they need to store? Does the space need to be adaptable? Those are the types of questions I'm asking. When it comes to my own home, well I live alone so I can pretty much run riot. I love colour, and the idea of wall to wall magnolia makes me seriously sad!

What’s your main go to inspiration?

The 1960s, I love everything about that decade; girl groups, beehives, mini skirts! It was a time of liberation and radical new ideas. I love ugly brutalist architecture and visiting stately homes in equal measure.  I'm inspired by the Peak District, it's just dreamy and us Sheffielders are so lucky to have that beauty on our doorstep. I like to bring nature indoors, although I do end up killing all houseplants eventually, oops.

Your home is just gorgeous, how did you make it your own?

Aw, thanks! I have been carefully collecting pieces for my home for years now. A lot of bits are from vintage and charity shops, a fair few hand me downs and I have made a couple of the pieces too. My favourite piece of furniture is my powder blue Formica kitchen table and matching curved bench. It's original 1950s and I picked it up from a lovely lady in Blackburn. I love it when you find out about an item's history, and then give it a new lease of life!  

I felt your style and hockney were a perfect combination, when you think of hockney what comes to mind?

 Hockney's work is bold as brass!  So fun and no nonsense, he sees something he want to paint, and he paints it. It's the colours he choses that sets him apart, those deep blues you could just dive into...his depiction of water is so unique, it's beautiful. I want to try and capture some of those bold, colour clashing moments in Hockney's paintings, especially from the 1960s. I'd like the night to be a nostalgic little nod this fabulous era of art and fashion.

Whats next, work, side hustle,travel ?

Side hustle, love that! This is the first time I've been involved in a creative project like this, I'm super excited. More of the same please. haha. I'm heading to Florence soon to soak up some Renaissance beauty, and to eat heaps of spaghetti, let's be real.  I'm continuing to grow within my role at IKEA Sheffield, I work with an amazing team who inspire me every day. My house renovations will develop in the coming months, I'm attempting to garden (for the first time in my life) at the moment. Well, even Alan Titchmarch had to start somewhere!

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Charlotte Righton