tips from our makers


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its just 3 days till our market, and as the makers finish off last minute pieces, wait on a deliveries from their suppliers and pack everything away to head over this Saturday. I wanted to reach out and get some tips from them on being a stall holders, what they do to make the day go smoothly, make they’re product stand out and how all those nervous feelings can just melt away, with a bit of prep and a good coffee. So here’s some tips, for new stall holders, or aspiring makers, and our visitors to get an insight into a day in the life.



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"Over the years I've noticed customers are drawn to things that are eye level. Adding height to your stall is so important for this. Even if you're just starting out and only have a few products, there are really easy and affordable ways to make your display look enticing. If you sell paper goods or illustration, I'd recommend starting out with a card stand. You can display both prints and cards on that. Ikea wooden crates are only £5 a pop and are a great way to showcase all kinds of crafts. Plus, you can't beat a good old rummage through a charity shop. I've found mini easels and table top shelves through that!"



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Try and approach each fair like it's a chance to meet customers and other sellers and discuss your work and enjoy the day. In the long term getting direct feedback and feeling good about doing events will be more beneficial than comparing sales numbers.



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As for advice… There is absolutely no need to feel twitched about anxiety in the lead up - the greatest lesson I have learnt is even the makers you have placed on a mighty pedestal from the very beginning of your wild hopes and dreams - they’re twitched too, and its always ok in the end. It is a HUGE thing we all do, putting ourselves out on a plate for people to hopefully enjoy, but sometimes judge. Be confident in you, and all you do. You’re magnificent. AND - make pals - I have met so many incredible humans by sharing my never ending snacks or asking for a chronic photo, learn to laugh at any odd comments, find a supremely tasty coffee in the morning and make sure there is a vat of cava waiting to welcome you home. (Mainly that last sentence. Treats make the world go round.)



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Get some rest the night before and don't be tempted to stay up all night making last minute stock!  Arrive bright and enthusiastic about your product (because nobody wants to buy from a grumpy person).  Prep stock, design, draw, do what you do at your stall (if you can and it's safe to do so).  It reinforces the fact you make it and customers will often take interest in what you're doing and ask questions.  You're then available whilst not making the customer feel watched as they browse your wonderful wares. If you're selling wearables, don't forget to bring a mirror so customers can try things on and get a feel for how they look worn.



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Give some height to your stall by using boxes or frames of some form that you can hang bits off just to make it interesting and make your work stand out.Make sure you interact with buyers, if you put items in their hands they’re more likely to buy it. Everyone loves a sale - have a small ‘sale’ section?

Charlotte Righton