maker carla murdoch ceramics

Neutral warm tones, tactile finishes and soft glazes, Carla’s pieces would fit soothingly into any collection, we’re lucky she found us, having only recently moved back to sheffield. We think its fate . p.s the rabbit unfortunately won’t be able to make the market.

Interview by Lucy Harbron

Find Carla Murdoch’s ceramics (here)

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When did you first try your hand at ceramics? 

I went to college with the intention of studying graphic design, this was where I handled clay for the first time and left the idea of graphics behind to focus on ceramics. 

 And what was the process of refining your style like?

With ceramics there is constant refinement, I am still and will forever be refining. 


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What is it about ceramics that attracts you?

I love the technical side of ceramics, the glaze making, filling up the kiln and the structure of weighing, making, drying, firing, sanding, waxing, glazing, firing. 

 Whats the hardest piece to make?

Tall items, I’ve been practicing these recently and will hopefully be bringing a few to the fair. 

Who/what/wear inspires your work?

Having travelled round Asia, I have been inspired by the rustic glazes often used. Along with shapes of mid century modern pottery. 

Do you have any particular creative rituals? Any specific drinks, albums, times of day?

I throw bare foot on warm days and with socks and sometimes sandals on cold days. I don’t like to be too restricted.

I often choose a hip hop album or radio station during making, I feel it keeps the momentum going for me.

Charlotte Righton