Maker Evelyn Albrow

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Tell us about you! Tea or coffee? Cats or dogs?

I love TEA! I enjoy a coffee but if I had to choose between the two forever it would be tea. 

I would always say cats. 100% with the exception of my sister's new puppy, she's a very excellent dog!

Now tell us about your art! What mediums and materials do you use, and what was the journey of defining your style like?

 hmmm...I have always loved drawing since I was very small. I love using black ink in combo with bright pastel colours, my favourite thing is my Japanese refillable brush pen which is really good to take drawing outdoors. I draw and paint from my imagination and do lots of observational stuff to keep up my practice. I ended up doing an Illustration MA at Camberwell UAL and then went on to share a tiny studio with a ceramicist which lead me to take an interest in clay, it was toooo messy to ignore! I love working with clay and now I combine drawing with my ceramics, I think the two compliment each other :-)

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Ceramicist, artist and jeweller, with delicate colours, bold silhouettes and romantic shapes. Creating dreamy bowls, pots, sculptures and jewellery. Interviewed by Lucy Harbron

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When did you first start considering yourself a creative person?

I think I have always known I was a bit as that's what I've always liked doing the most and I come from a creative family. I guess the first time I felt truly aware I was a creative person was when I was suddenly amongst other like minded creative people at Camberwell (27yrs!), a group of us were sat in the pub getting really excited about pens and I thought this has never happened before! It was really nice.

 Do you have a creative ritual? Any particular time of day? Album? Place?

I like mornings the most but I've always had to squeeze my creative practice in around other things like my actual jobs. The kitchen table or studio are the most likely places i'll work, or if I'm lucky I love drawing when I'm on holiday! I like the morning part of Radio 6 then will listen to songs on YouTube from 1pm, from Tina Turner to Curtis Mayfield. Also podcasts like Savage Lovecast and Literary Fiction. AND Desert Island Discs. It's very mixed. 

Faces pop up everywhere in your work! What is It about human faces that appeals to you?

I don't know I haven't really thought about it, I think I just enjoy drawing them. They tend to be the first thing I doodle and I've always liked drawing friends and family. 

Charlotte Righton