Interview Illustrator Haley Tippmann



Illustrator Haley Tippmann

Studied Graphic Design

Lives Rochester, NY

Drawing Strangers, listening to indie rock and Vegan

Relatable, energetic and full of expression, Haley’s inspiration comes from being in the moment When I am out in public, I usually make a note to take pictures of people doing very mundane things, and use those pictures as references for drawing later’ her approach to research  enable beautiful candid shots ‘This is where I can get the most personality/inspiration from someone. And, I almost never draw exactly as the person was in real life, I give them new clothing and whatnot!'


 As we swoon over her Instagram, we see that the story of her life is often represented in illustrative form, Haley in her studio, at a café, hanging out watching Netflix, the intertwining of personal projects amongst artwork, create such a fluid grid composition and every image tells a different story.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 21.26.14.png

At first sight you may think that pieces are all hand painted, with a sketchy layered style, this feel creates movement in the artwork. We asked Haley what her go to medium was.

‘I started using the iPad in 2012 to draw digitally. I always keep a Moleskine, but I never really use those sketches for digital art. If I am going to draw something digitally, I use a pencil-like brush, and sketch directly with the iPad Pro.Occasionally, I will start with an ink drawing, scan, and build it up digitally after with color. It is also important to practice with traditional materials before drawing with them digitally. This way, you know how the pencils/brushes are supposed to look on real paper, and can make it more "fluid" and believable on screen. I enjoy the whole process, but the stage after I have a sketch is my favorite - adding colors. It is very meditative.' 


Finding that work life balance, can be a rollercoaster, particularly in freelance work, finding what works, keeps you creative but also keeps you on top of all your projects is a skill in itself. Haley tackles admin straight on first thing, leaving the rest of the day to work on client projects and Instagram artwork.

 Agency work is something many illustrators dream about, working alongside a company that can give them an outlet to grow and hopefully assist them in reaching brands , you’re part of 2 AGENTEN, how does it work?

'2 Agenten is an illustration agency based in Berlin, Germany. I had been interested in reaching out to an agent.And having a feel for the culture and having lived in Germany before, it felt like a good fit. They have made it a wonderful experience. I think it involves a lot of responsibility for your work and the agency, and being your own boss, but is very rewarding.'

Do you have any tips for artists who aspire to work with an agency?

'I would not consider myself an expert, but I'd say it is probably important to have a unique style, especially unique to the artists, the agency may already represent. And to make sure you read about the agency first, and send your portfolio as asked. If it is a style you feel is your own and you can really "craft" it, then go for it.'

Find Haley Tippmann’s work here




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