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Hannah Jean Moulds

The Unnameables

For our next Life drawing Workshop we will have the installation 'The Unnameables, alongside our model Salomee.

Tickets Here friday 7th september @unionst

Having seen Hannah's graduate show through the eyes of a friends insta story, I magicked up all these images of illustrations of furry creatures in contrast to the human form, stranger things meets gremlins. Having an installation in the one space will be a first for us, offering  an interactive art experience is what Endless love was intended for, its also a great opportunity to see this artists work on tour. When I fall in love with a piece I like to be able to stare at it for hours, just sit an enjoy it, so feels a massive treat, that we'll be able to do that with 'The Unnameables' . I sent some questions over to Hannah to find out some more about her and 'The Unnameables'.

Home town :   

I grew up in a steel town of Scunthorpe.

What 3 songs would represent 'The Unnameables'?

Wild and untamed thing - Rocky horror picture show

Would you love a monster man - Lordi

Life on Mars - David Bowie

Where did you study?

At college, I studied at North Lindsey - I originally studied Creative Digital Media before moving on to art and design. I then went to further education to study fine art at Leeds Arts University.

what most inspires you?

Nature is my largest inspiration; it's the way growths curl and wind around taking over paths and walls. I have a huge collection of flower photos and it just keeps growing. 

How did The Unnameables concept come to be?

I have always been interested in nature and I believe this is where it all started. I delved deeper into the subject in my second year of studying fine art, making large-scale 'sculptures' about growth. I then started morphing the films I was watching like 'day of the Triffids' and 'The Ruins' into my works becoming alien growths and unnatural takeovers.

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where would you like to see them next? 

I would like to see the creatures in more domestic and worn down places - this is the main goal with 'The Unnameables' they need to invade and take over a space one by one. I also want to delve deeper into installation I think these creatures have just started my passion for creating large-scale works - I want to make more based around the idea of growths/aliens/invasion.

Has sculpture always been the one?

I think so yes, I do dabble in little sketches and paintings but sculpture and installation have always had my heart. It's the act of physically making, bringing something to life...


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