Meet the Model Courtney

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We are good mates now, me and my body!

meet courtney our life model

We had a little break from the workshop over July, while I worked out what next for Endless Love, how it could be something that brought inspiration, and just a whole lot of letting go and just chilling into being creative.

Like with most ideas for the night, the model tends to come first or I think of a theme and then find a model that would suit it. I always knew Party would be Courtney’s theme, it was just about asking and timing, which worked out awesomely. I worked with Courtney a couple of years ago, and the three things I remember vividly were how she instantly made me relax, that she never didn’t have a story about a wild night out and playing soul and funk 8 hours straight. 

Knowing Courtney, I felt I could ask more personal questions, and being the most open honest person I know , she went for it. It’s really important  to me that, you get to know the model,  when you come to a class often the room will be full of new people, so this way you know at least one.

What’s a day in the life look like?  

Ouuuh well I have recently moved into a new career of being an assistant producer for fashion shoots it’s absolutely awesome to be using my brain and getting creative daily! It’s also been a huge test on my self confidence as I have been pushed way out of my comfort zone and have had to really quickly realise that if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will so yes a huge bit of growing and learning in the las 6 months which is so positive!! Play, well I have actually become I little more well behaved recently of course I still love to boogie  but I’ve been really focusing on my art at the minute so my late nights have mainly been just me  some tunes and the good o’ primary colours! 


Your relationship with your body?

Oh my gosh MASSIVELY!! We are good mates now, me and my body! I’m really grateful for all the wonderful things it lets me experience in life and it always sticks by me (like all mates it can be a little bit annoying at times) But just like you would treat any mate I show kindness and love. It’s been a tough place to get to and of course still have my wobbles (Literally) but it’s just lovely not to be fighting myself, it has freed up a lot of brain space for wonderful things to happen and to consciously live!


What made you say yes to life modelling?

I suppose the answer above has a lot to do with it, I think personally it will feel like a huge milestone/ celebration of being cool with my body and I do love a celebration!! But of course, It’s an absolute honour as well to be doing it for endless love you have created such a wonderful sense of community (something the world can lack at times) so to be part of that and getting to see everyone’s creations will be an absolute treat!!  

What does creativity look like and mean to you?

Oh wow! Well it’s everything isn’t it you can find craftsmanship and inspiration in everything around you.     Absolutely everyone is creative I think creativity is a personal path of trying to make sense of the world and everyone expresses that so differently. Every sentence you speak, every mark you make is a response to your environment. Being creative is seeing the world but not taking it at face value it’s being open and forming your own opinions and values on things and like I say expressing that is when art is formed!

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3 favourite songs, how do they make you feel? 

Noooo the hardest question of all time!! there are too many! Can I be a little bit naughty and have two bonus songs??

Talking heads – Once in a life time

This one is an absolute long standing favourite it just sums everything up perfectly! It just reminds me to make the most of everything as we are only here once and not to take anything too seriously but because we have no idea what’s in store!!

Thelma Houston - Don't leave me this way

Disco, Disco, Disco picking one disco tune was very hard but this one just fills me with pure joy just reminds me of being covered in glitter feeling like you could dance forever and just seeing all your mates smiley faces round you

This mortal coil – Song to the siren

I just think this must be the most beautiful song in the world euphorically sad! If souls made sounds it would be this.

1 bonus song (sorry) it just makes me feel very hopeful and I think everybody needs some of that!! The song is NAAM - Shame on us.

Charlotte Righton