Meet the model : Kerry

I haven’t quite worked out whether the theme, or the model I have in mind for the nights come first.

            I feel that if the model is going to feel comfortable, I want to place them in an organic habitat, I met Kerry at one of our life drawing class’ that her friend Emma was posing for, and immediately after Emma ran to me and said Kerry would love to do this. Its blown me away the amount of people that have asked to model, currently working through a list, and something I’ll do a blog post about in the future, as many people ask and I can give you a little bit more info on the process of being a model for Endless Love.


            My first impressions of Kerry were warmth, insanely gorgeous hair and humility, to the extent that I being a complete stranger to her was invited into her home, to share a beautiful meal with her closest friends, I obviously took Izzy along, my wing woman and artist for this very night. I personally am, internally very shy and get quite anxious, but that’s another over share for another time. Kerry, was so happy that you guys went with Jungle as the theme… THANK YOU INSTAGRAM STORIES…seriously I get greedy and if I could I probably would have tried to mould both jungle and Athena together as one massive theme…




Jungle felt in keeping with her vibrant personality, grounded attitude and the nature loving side of her… Below are questions she answered, giving you an insight into the woman who posed last Friday.

Where does inspiration come from for you?

People, the outdoors and food.

It’s safe to say I’ll talk to anyone or anything and when there is no other option, I just talk to myself. This inspires me – the conversations I find myself in very often motivate me to make changes; whether that is in my own life or someone else’s.

My friends inspired me. Cliché as it is I’d be lost without them. I have an amazing support network of childhood friends back in Macclesfield where I grew up and my slightly newer Sheffield family which has grown over the past 6 years of me living here. I really mean it when I say they have made me the person I am today, I was a very different person (inside and out) a few year ago and never did I ever imagine doing something like this.

I’ve only come to realise how amazing and beautiful nature is since being in Sheffield. It was my friends that got me into the ‘outside world’ which was not hard when you live next to the peaks. Once I’d only walk somewhere if there was no other option; now, I enjoy walking and cycling as often as I can. It keeps my mind at rest.

And food. Finding new ingredients and cooking new things has inspired me to change my eating habits and lead a healthier, happier life.

kerry back.jpg

What inspired you to model?

There are things about my body that I am not completely comfortable with so I tend to cover these areas up more. Yep, that’s right – and now I’ve decided to pose in front of an audience basically naked. I’m facing my fears a guess, a bit like exposure therapy.

How you perceive yourself and how others perceive you are often very different. I am quite looking forward to seeing other people’s perceptions of me.

We’d love to know your favourite

Music – I like classical music. I remember I use to be embarrassed when it was on my car radio, which was so silly looking back. It’s so relaxing I can get lost in it.

Artist – My two favourite artists are Khruangbin – a 3 piece band from Texas and Hers – a 2 piece band based in Liverpool.

Place – The peak district and I feel super lucky to live around the corner from it. The girls I live with cycle all the time and they have got me hooked. In my friends word ‘it’s the most mindful thing I can do’.

Behind the scenes, whats your 9 – 5?

For work, I have two part-time roles.

I work part-time in Primary Mental Health as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner. This involved delivering guided self-help, low-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I basically help people with mental health difficulties to help themselves by providing psychoeducation, coping strategies and CBT based skills.

I also work part-time as a Research Assistant in a related job role. I am working on a Randomised Control Trail that is comparing 2 talking therapies for the treatment of depression: ‘Counselling for Depression’ and ‘Beckian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’.

I spend most of my spare time doing activities with my friends and boyfriend. This usually involves getting out doors and having some lovely food together. I am currently working on a project with my boyfriend; we are in the process of converting an ex-work van into a mini camper so that we can explore the UK more.

How did you find our class?

Firstly I was surprised that not only did we all have a place to sit comfortably (another class I had been to was extremely crammed); there was wine and good music (thank you Charlotte)! As someone that is not too great at drawing I loved the way the class was organised. Although there were many super talented artists, there were suggested tasks that gave me some guidance. The class really is accessible to all abilities – something I wasn’t expecting. Things such as drawing with my opposite hand and continuous line drawing whilst not looking at the page made the experience fun whilst giving me some focus. I was mindfully drawing, not a care in the world.

I also like the crowd of people; it felt like a little community. It was relaxing and comfortable and it was at that point I thought “you know what; I’m going to ask to model here”.