Seller tips and tricks

There are lots of great things about doing markets, from meeting other makers and sharing stall tips, to finding out what product people love and meeting your customer. I wanted to share a few things, that may act as a reminder or give you something new to try, to get the most out of your stall.


Your Stall

It’s really important that your brand name is clear as well as your social media handle. You can do this with a printed/handwritten name in a frame, hung as a garland, or in a banner.

Practise your layout before hand, check the size of your table and make a mini mock up, take a photo to reference on the day, its one less thing to worry about and if you’re running late it means you don’t have to think about it.

Giving height to the product, whether with crates/easels/magazine racks/ mini shelves. Making things eye level draw your customer in, it’s also a great way to get more out of smaller spaces.

Pricing, people may feel nervous about asking a price, make it super easy and price everything, or have clear labels, even a price list.



Bring something to cover your table, that compliments your work. If your work is mainly white you may want to go for something that compliments this/adds a contrast.

Personality, every brand is different, make your table like you’d want your dream shop to be, whether your style is minimal, boho or vintage.

If you take card payments, make sure its clear to customers with a sign.



Saying Hello is the biggest thing of all, even smiling. There doesn’t have to be anymore beyond that as you’ve opened the door to say hey if you wanna chat I’m here.

Have a stock count before you come, and make note of what sells on the day, it will help you learn more about your strongest product.

People tend to take pretty business cards, which is great because its pretty and its yours but they’re also pricey, even just a printed piece of nice paper with your details on is something you can hand out with all sales, or to customers you chat too that wont cost the world.

A mailing list, popping a sign up sheet on your table, is a great conversation starter but also a way to build up a new following that you can share work with directly.

If you offer commissions, make it really clear, this time of year is peak Christmas planning time.

Check list


-       Stock Take

-       Change for stall, a mixture depending on item costs

-       Card reader/charger (if you have one)

-       Phone/phone charger

-       Price list / sign / business cards

-       Instagram about the event

-       Stationary/ pen/pencil/paper/notepad/tape/string/blu tack