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a drawing do!

Come join Endless love to celebrate something mega, or get your work team together to try something new. Our workshops suit all levels.

Classic Workshop

2 hours , a space, a life model and materials, including a bottle of wine between two.


£200 for a group of 10 or smaller.

£200 for the first 10 people then £20 ahead per person.

Larger groups of 30+ are able to get discounted rates, please contact for further details.

email charlotte.righton@hotmail.com


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What we do at our workshops.

We provide a life model, in a clothed look. For these private events you have the choice of

Flora: silk, draped fabrics, and floral wreath

Basics: Neutral cotton underwear, denim and shaped sculptural curves worn on the body.

All art supplies are provided with a mixture of papers and mediums, you will then be guided through around 12 different challenges to try.

There will be warm up poses and group activities, which is different from our classic workshops.

If you have any particularly requests or your own venue in mind, feel free to contact, we can adapt the night to fit your needs.

email charlotte.righton@hotmail.com

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