Life Drawing Friday 3rd May. theme Jackson Pollock

Life Drawing Friday 3rd May. theme Jackson Pollock


Date Friday 3rd May

Doors open 6.45pm/ Class starts 7.15pm

and finishes around 9.30pm

We’re Located at 18 - 20  Union St, Sheffield, S1 2JP

Join us in May, for lots of drawing with life model Rebecca, familiar to union st where we hold the events, you may have met her before serving delish flat whites. Our theme this time is Jackson Pollock, a scene of an artists studio, splashes of colour and arty action poses.

Our Model will pose in a variety of modern shapes. We will go through a variety of skills, light line work, mark making, and drawing not just a model, but the accompanying set. The main focus will be play and experimentation.

This is a social workshop and suitable for all levels, even those who haven’t picked up a pencil in forever.

The Workshop

We start at 7.15, with a few loose quick challenges, 1 - 5 minutes will warm you up.

There will be 45 minutes of drawing, then 20 minute a break, then another 45 minutes

I will suggest challenges throughout the night, around 10, with different poses and focusses, its not a tutored lesson, but always feel free to ask questions, and not to feel limited to the challenges if you’d like to try your own style, challenges.

Our models are always clothed and our focus is not just on the figure, but the clothing and sets too.

There is a limited number of 40 tickets.

Tickets include

Art Supplies/paper/ a glass of wine/ a cosy friendly atmosphere with great music.

You will get a ticket confirmation email, which will be sent manually so may take up to 24 hours, but you won’t need to print it off , I will pop you on the guest list.

Due to the nature of the event, tickets are none refundable.

Charlotte x

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