life drawing, but a little different

Life drawing tickets Here

makers market June 1st @ union st

This is for every level, an experience to enjoy experimenting.

We create sets, do short fun challenges and provide the art supplies.

New to life drawing ? Its not what you think, theres no nudee bodies, and our models, aren't models at all, they're real life people who want to celebrate new found confidence, their uniqueness and inspire our guests. I mean theres wine and our playlists are pretty awesome, so its very chill.

Also i'm not gonna go round and crit you, thats not what we're about.

come to one of our life drawing workshops

Nurture - Monthly Saturdays

Fridays but a little different - First Friday of every month

Lets draw (free drawing meet up) - Back this march 

hire us

Join us for a private event, to celebrate something mega, or to get your work team closer, follow the link below for details.

our mission, to bring drawing to life, to create playful, social and inspiring atmospheres.

school trip.jpg

Our free monthly social, I called it lets draw, but decided school trip sounds way cooler in a nostalgic geeky way, come with us , hang out with a clipboard and pencil and draw your surroundings wherever that may take you from month to month.